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Mark Hall, co-creator of Danger Mouse Dies

Mark Hall, animator and co-founder of Cosgrove Hall that brought so many happy moments to so many childhoods in the shape of Chorlton and the Wheelies, The Wind in the Willows, Duckula and of course Danger Mouse, passed away surrounded by his family early today, Friday 18th November.

BBC News - Danger Mouse co-creator Mark Hall Dies

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To celebrate the 30th birthday of the greatest secret agent the world has ever known and one of Britain’s best loved animated characters, Danger Mouse, this September FremantleMedia Enterprises is releasing Danger Mouse – The Complete Collection 30th Anniversary Edition as a 10-disc DVD set featuring every single episode of Danger Mouse and, for the first time ever, in the correct screening order. The collection also comes with a brand new extra feature exclusive to this release, the never-seen-before featurette “Danger Mouse And Friends”.

First broadcast on 28th September 1981 and starring David Jason as the intrepid hero and Terry Scott as his faithful but bumbling assistant Penfold, Danger Mouse was an instant hit with children and adults alike and has since become a national institution. The show’s enormous popularity was confirmed when it ranked third in Channel 4’s poll of the 100 Greatest Kids’ TV Shows, just behind The Simpsons and The Muppet Show, respectively, and ahead of the likes of Bagpuss, Scooby-Doo, Wallace and Gromit and even Doctor Who!

Operating from a secret base concealed in a post box on a quiet corner in Mayfair, Danger Mouse and Penfold are committed to fighting evil and villainy wherever they raise their ugly heads. Their commanding officer and the Head of World Security is Colonel K, a gruff and absent-minded old chinchilla who remains in contact with his two best agents by a videophone linked to Danger Mouse’s flat and car. Amongst all the world’s villains, their number one arch-nemesis is a despicable toad known as Baron Silas Greenback. Assisted by his pet caterpillar, Nero, and a skinny Italian crow with a heart as black as his feathers, known as Stiletto, Greenback is known in criminal circles as the greatest evil genius in the universe because of the brilliant inventions and diabolical schemes he uses to make his dream of ruling the world a reality. Only Danger Mouse and Penfold stand between the Baron and world domination.

Produced by the BAFTA and Emmy award winning Cosgrove Hall Films (The Wind In The Willows; Postman Pat; Chorlton And The Wheelies; Terry Pratchett’s Truckers) and also featuring the very first appearances of that other much-loved animated character, Count Duckula, Danger Mouse – The Complete Collection 30th Anniversary Edition is the ultimate DVD release for Danger Mouse fans.

Danger Mouse – The Complete Collection 30th Anniversary Edition (cert. U) will be released on DVD (£49.99) by FremantleMedia Enterprises on 26th September 2011. Special Features include: Danger Mouse And Friends; pilot episode; interviews with Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall; exclusive behind-the-scenes footage; Danger Mouse game; original theme tune ideas; biographies; stills galleries.

FremantleMedia International
Release date:
26th September, 2011
Running time:
1348 minutes
All Regions

Danger Mouse and Friends exclusive to this DVD collection and never previously available / Pilot Episode / Interviews with Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall / Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage / Danger Mouse games / Original theme tune ideas! / Biographies / Stills galleries

Brian Cosgrove
  • David Jason
  • Terry Scott
  • Edward Kelsey
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FremantleMedia International
Release date:
26th September, 2011
Brian Cosgrove

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