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‘A balls to the wall awesome ZOMBIE Film… Scary as fk.!’ Harry Knowles - AINT IT COOL NEWS

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Kill Scenes

Lots of talk about beautiful vistas and amazing scenery. But this is a horror movie. You can film all the sand dunes you like, but if the shock and gore isn't in evidence, you haven't got much of a zombie flick.

THE DEAD doesn't disappoint, here's an article from ALTER REALITIES RADIO that shows the splatter is in full effect!

"Lets talk about something that always comes up when judging a movie about zombies; THE GORE. No worries here, it is plentiful and brutal in it's delivery. Zombies are shot, stabbed, run over, etc etc etc…we also seem them in all sorts of decay & rot. There was no holding back in the kill scenes. Zombies went down, and hard. As did all the unfortunate victims of the zombies. They all made quite the juicy, sloppy meals you could imagine."


Extreme Circumstances

Another thumbs up review, this time from FLICKFEST:

"The acting is solid and believable from everyone involved. Rob Freeman carries most of the movie and his character is really put through the wringer.

You can see every emotion running through his mind as every bead of sweat glistens on his weather-beaten brow.

Prince David Oseia does equally well with his screen time and the two men convey a wholly understandable bond that is forged quickly under extreme circumstances."



Dusty Plains... Arid Deserts

Once again, it's the stark beauty and otherworldliness of the environment that makes the film stand out among the morass of gutmunching in lesser Zombie flicks. In this review from STARBURST MAGAZINE, the startling landscape is as much a character in the movie as the two leads or the endless horde of ghouls…

“…the Ford Brothers have gone to great pains to make the greatest use of the available African vistas, with great wide shots of dusty plains and arid deserts contrasting starkly with the more typical modern urban environments of your standard zombie slasher.”


The Dark Continent becomes a Dead Zone in the first zombie road movie set against the spectacular vistas of Africa. A stunningly shot horror announcing the arrival of the Ford Brothers on the global genre scene, THE DEAD is as much an emotional journey through terror terrain as it is a physically demanding and beautiful-looking one.

Shot in life-threatening, never-before-seen locations in Burkina Faso, French-speaking West Africa, and Ghana, including the Sahara Desert, on 35mm film by the Ford Brothers, THE DEAD is the ultimate Zombie movie.

American Air Force engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy (ROB FREEMAN) survives a plane crash and runs the gauntlet across Africa, battling with the living dead. Joining forces with local military man Sergeant Daniel Dembele (PRINCE DAVID OSEI) who is searching for his missing son amongst the chaos, they must fight together if they are to survive the flesh-eating horrors of the bush.

Indelible Productions and Latitude Films present THE DEAD starring Rob Freeman (Saving Private Ryan, The X-Files, Smallville), Prince David Osei (Pirate of the Night, The Dons in Sakawa, Kiss Me If You Can) and David Dontoh (Welcome Home, No Time To Die). The highly anticipated horror chiller is written and directed by Howard J Ford and Jon Ford (Mainline Run, Distant Shadow). Produced by Howard J Ford, executive producer is Amir Moallemi and the director of photography is Jon Ford. Music is by Imran Ahmad (The Greenwich Village Massacre, In His Shoes, Mayomi, The Foundation), special and visual effects by Dan Rickard with special make-up effects by Max Van De Banks (Whatever Happened To Pete Blaggit?, Born of Hope).


“The most beautiful zombie film ever made” – Billy Chainsaw, SHOCK HORROR

“The movie die-hard zombie fans have been waiting for!” - Michael Gingold, FANGORIA

“The most realistic living dead film since Romero's 1968 classic” - SCREAM MAGAZINE, 4 Stars

"The Dead is a desolate safari of splatter-baked survival - James Kloda, DARKSIDE

The most original zombie movie of the year”- Chris Tilly, IGN.COM

“An awe-inspiring epic vision”. Anton Bitel - SIGHT & SOUND

“A beautifully shot horror film with an epic quality” - SCREEN INTERNATIONAL

All we want for Christmas is this movie…” DREAD CENTRAL

“One of the most buzzed about films of the year” – BLOODY DISGUSTING

'A unique and intriguing zombie horror' – Nikki Baughan, MOVIESCOPE

‘A balls to the wall awesome ZOMBIE Film… Scary as f**k.!’ Harry Knowles - AINT IT COOL NEWS

‘Intense, bleak, even apocalyptic and matches the work of Romero. Brilliant stuff’ – James Whittington, HORROR CHANNEL

"A haunting, visually striking sun-scorched nightmare’ – Chris Alexander, FANGORIA

Anchor Bay
Release date:
10th October, 2011
Running time:
90 Minutes

Deleted Scenes, Behind The Scenes, Edited footage, ‘African View’, Audio commentary by directors

The Ford Brothers
  • Rob Freeman
  • Prince David Osei
  • David Dontoh


Anchor Bay
Release date:
10th October, 2011
The Ford Brothers

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