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“Grade A terrifying. One of the scariest movies in recent memory.”

Cellar Rentals Isn't Closed... Yet!

On Friday, we had a great time watching classic video rental trailers alongside clips, trailers and more from the recently released DVD and Blu-ray V/H/S.

Four hours of Twitter chat and lots of great memories jogged, as we watched through countless classic horror, comedy, action, sci fi and fantasy teasers - from true classics like Bladerunner and The Terminator, to grade A turkeys such as Conquest.

You can see what everyone was saying on STORIFY or - for a limited time only - pop into the CULT LABS SYNC-TUBE ROOM where the playlist is up on a loop for the next few days.


Home of V/H/S: Cellar Rentals Video Store to return for one day only online!


“The scariest, rawest horror movie of the year” (Rolling Stone) has finally arrived! The celebrated portmanteau horror ‘V/H/S’ is now on DVD, Blu-ray and download through Momentum Pictures, so do not miss out on this genuinely terrifying and exhilarating "Surefire candidate for cult status” (4*, Little White Lies).

Having already opened ‘Cellar Rentals’ courtesy of Momentum Pictures where a rapturous London crowd were transported back to the heady days of searching through racks upon racks of VHS tapes in order to find that perfect Saturday night scare (see what happened HERE), we decided that one night in the capital (after a lot of sorrow from people outside London who couldn't come) just wasn't enough, so we are bringing it to you…

To welcome the arrival of a truly “Phenomenal piece of work" (5*, Dread Central), we are reopening the doors to ‘Cellar Rentals’ on Friday 1st February for four hours from 2pm to 6pm via Twitter, where a hosted nostalgia-thon will allow us all to chat about videos of yesteryear, the arrival of V/H/S on DVD and Blu-ray and download plus… the final chance EVER to win a copy of V/H/S on VHS in the UK. We'll be using the #InsertVHS4Fear hashtag from @fetchpublicity and @cultlabs so make sure you are there to join in on the antics. Do not miss out! We'll have a link to a store filled with cool retro clips, trailers and more to digest and send you back down memory lane one final time.

Here is a list of the hot topics we'll be discussing and getting all excited over on Friday:

2.00pm Classic VHS Action Movies

2.30pm Teen Horrors

3.00pm Fantasy Classics

3.30pm VHS Comedies

4.00pm Banned and Confiscated Movies

4.30pm Sci Fi Rentals

5.00pm A John Hughes tribute

5.15pm Horror Franchises - The Sequels

If you have a large twitter following and can get involved let us know - a very rare V/H/S on VHS might be available…

V/H/S: On DVD & Blu-Ray Now!

V/H/S is out today on UK DVD and Blu-ray, get yours now!

Stay tuned to the V/H/S fanhub for upcoming details of a Twitter event that will bring the fun of the recent ‘Back To The Video Store’ to the web as we open Cellar Rentals one more time online. More details about the event and your chance to win one of the few remaining copies of V/H/S on VHS, come back very shortly.

In the meantime, check out the excellent review from THE PEOPLE'S MOVIES:

“If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times; found footage horror is a dry well. Once a potent concept that had us all quaking in our boots with genre highlights like The Blair Witch Project and even things like Paranormal Activity, the shaky cam low-res high-tension thing has inevitably worn thin thanks to a myriad of badly sculpted films out to make big bucks on small money. Of late there’s been an outcry from the horror audience, the word is out and it’s getting pasted here there and everywhere, V/H/S has arrived to save the day and pull the handheld cam back into respectability and give us all a good reason to take up insomnia. The general opinion ain’t that far off the truth.”


V/H/S: On DVD & Blu-Ray Tomorrow

New Horror anthology V/H/S is out tomorrow on UK DVD and Blu-ray. In anticipation, here's the excellent review from GEEKS UNLEASED:

“This anthology is a brilliant example of a new crowd showing everyone else how it’s done. V/H/S is a gruesome, twisted, paranoid and terrifying experience that seems to even squeeze comedy into the pot to make it an all round fantastic horror film. Even better, it’s still not over. A sequel S-V/H/S has already premiered at this years Sundance film festival to much interest and anticipation. We might have to dust off our badges because there may be a new group of Sheriffs in town, only these guys don’t do warning shots.”


“Grade A terrifying. One of the scariest movies in recent memory.”

The classic anthology horror movie is given a contemporary and brilliantly visceral spin by some of the hottest new directors working in the genre today.

Key talent:

Director Adam Wingard (You’re Next; A Horrible Way To Die), David Bruckner (The Signal), Glenn McQuaid (I Sell The Dead), Joe Swanberg (Hannah Takes The Stairs) and Ti West (The Innkeepers; Cabin Fever 2: Spring Break; The House Of The Devil).


A small group of misfit friends and petty crooks are hired by a mysterious man to break into a derelict suburban house with the sole purpose of finding and stealing a rare videotape. Their only clue to identifying the tape in question is, “You’ll know it when you see it.”

However, on arrival at the house they soon realize the job isn’t as straightforward as they imagined. In one room they discover the lifeless body of a middle-aged man sitting in an armchair, facing a wall of television sets and a stack of VHS cassettes. A similar bounty of tapes is found in the basement, none of which bears any obvious markings to suggest it is the prize they are seeking. As they search through the tapes, playing them in turn, they are treated to a succession of graphic and apparently genuine video recordings, each one more shocking and bizarre than the last.

Momentum Pictures
In Cinemas:
18th January, 2013
Release date:
28th January, 2013
Running time:
116 minutes
DVD - £15.99, Blu-ray - £15.99

Trailer, Alternate Ending, Behind the Scenes on ‘Amateur Night’, Helen Rogers Interview, Simon Barrett interview, ‘Outtakes from ’Tuesday The 17th'

Adam Wingard, David Bruckner,Glenn McQuaid, Joe Swanberg, Ti West


Momentum Pictures
In Cinemas from:
18th January, 2013
Release date:
28th January, 2013
Adam Wingard, David Bruckner,Glenn McQuaid, Joe Swanberg, Ti West

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